My Pre-Blogging Life: Part Two

I continued to read more of my old journal last night.  I read the frustrations of a fifteen and sixteen year old girl wanting to date one Bryan Landreth.  We’ll save that for a completely different post.  I’m just thankful I’m not sixteen any more.  Can I get an amen? 

I read an entry written in 1998 about loss.  About losing my Grandfather five months after he danced at my wedding.  About losing a best friend to a rare disease only one month after my Grandfather’s passing…….

About how we learned so terribly young to not only tell those dear to us we love them….

but why we love them.

I not only drew closer to friends and family during this time of loss.  I grew closer to my Creator.  I wrote in that July 9, 1998 journal entry:

“God has really been stirring in me a greater need for intimacy with Him.”

We already know that when we draw close to Him, He draws close to us.  Or, perhaps, He draws close to us waiting on us to draw close to Him.  Either way, when we do, we learn this:

journal entry july 98 wp

“The greatest revelation one can obtain is the knowledge that God loves them very much.”

Ya know, even eleven years later, I still believe this to be true.

God loves us so, so very much.  He loves us no matter what we do or don’t do.  His love is unchanging.  And, when we really get the revelation of how much He loves us, we can walk knowing we are forgiven.  We are free.  And, we belong to Him.


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3 responses to “My Pre-Blogging Life: Part Two

  1. It is funny reading old journal entries. I started blogging when I was a freshman in high school… I thought I was so cool, so indie, so hip, so setting the trend, so above par… Now, I look back on myself as pretentious.

    I started keeping a scrapbook and journal when I first got to college. After about two semesters, I hid it and never looked at it again. I thought it was so artsy and creative… I opened it up about two years later, and it was simply a scrapbook of my tawdry hookups (that at the time I thought were amazing) but now I cringe and have erased details of those memories from my brain!

    It is funny how you look at life, how you change, how you develop. It can be in a matter of years, months, or even just weeks. It all depends on what happens to you in life…

  2. mikeT

    Amen sister. Amen.

  3. Love the blog, Dusty! Bruce loves the fact I journal, he just marvels at it. My Dad mostly logged events, not sure where I got journeling at.
    Love God too, and we do have seasons our eyes are opened to see God in a different way for sure!

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