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Questions That Catch Me By Surprise.

Anna:  Why does Johnry get to have two dads, and I only have one? 

Me:  Well, Anna……

John Henry:  Anna, it’s hard to explain.

John Henry was right.  It is hard to explain to a five year old.  But, I did explain why to her in the most effective way she could understand.  She went on about her day without mention of our conversation. 

It’s just her way.  She has always accepted our answers and explanations to deep questions and thoughts without  need for further discussion.  It’s the small stuff she struggles in.  Like why she can’t wear flip flops and shorts in a painful 10 degree wind chill.  Because, it isn’t cold.  To her

But, the big stuff?  She is my sponge.  “Mom, when we do something bad, God forgives us right away.” 

She knows this is true.  I’ve told her so.  And, she believes it. 

“No one is more powerful than God, Mom.”

And, my recent favorite:  “God can do a back flip better than anybody.”

Some questions catch me by surprise.  But, she listens to my answers.  Then, she’s okay.  She is learning to build her hope on nothing less than Jesus Christ.  She’s learning to filter every explanation through that hope. 

I love her acceptance.  I love her faith.  It doesn’t matter that she questions me on why wearing a purple bandana on her head is not appropriate all of the time. 

Having faith does matter. 

I tell her all of the time that she’s my favorite girl.

She really is.


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I Kind of Want to Break Out Rocky I-IV. But Not V.

Never Rocky V.

I did refrain from my awesome dance moves, while Anna Takle wasn’t about to give up her microphone. 

So, in honor of a new AI season, I give you my two favorite rock stars.

Those lyrics can be tricky.

These lyrics?  Even trickier. 

And, I have no good explanation as to why it looks like Christmas morning in my family room with all of the pillows, drums, and other paraphernalia lying around.  Except, Christmas was only a few mornings ago.  Or something. 



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Christmas Festivities And Deer Hunting?

We surprised my dad by flying home to Georgia a few days early.  We made it home in time for the Eagles Way Church Christmas service and family communion.  Communion as a family is always a special time.  Especially, when you look over at your children with the overwhelming knowledge that they are participating in one of the church’s greatest sacraments.  And, especially, when your daughter takes a bite of the wafer and comments, “Ha.  It tastes like popcorn!”  

It was certainly moving.

We had a little a family picture made after the service.

Then, Kris made good on his promise to Anna to take her deer hunting for the first time. 

They returned home with great father-daughter memories.

But no game.

And, I was really okay with that.


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A Girl Has To Keep Her Status Updated.

These days when I look at my mobile and notice the school calling, I immediately think, “Anna.”  Yesterday was no different.  And, my thinking was correct.

Anna’s teacher first wanted to let me know that she had “told a story” the day before.  According to her teacher, Anna had told her friends she had surgery on her pinky finger.  I let her teacher know we would address the importance of telling truthful stories.

She wasn’t really in trouble for this next little incident.  Her teacher just wanted to “make (me) aware” of Anna’s computer skills.

Anna’s Teacher:  “Anna was at the school computer, and I heard her saying, ‘Ugh!  I can’t log into my account!’”

When she went to view Anna’s computer screen, this is what she saw:

Anna’s Teacher:  “I was surprised she could find the Twitter web site!”

Me:  “Er, yes.  Me, too.”

Seriously.  Where did she acquire Twitter knowledge and those skills?  Probably her Dad.  I’m sure of it.

When I picked her up from school, I asked why she had told her friends she had surgery on her pinky finger.

Anna:  “What?  I didn’t tell them I had surgery on my pinky finger!  I told them I had surgery on this finger!”  She said, pointing to her index finger.

Being the mother of Anna Takle, friends, is why I should never be short on blog material.



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Fathers Be Good To Your Daughters.

Anna:  “Dad, your hair is running out.”

Yet, he adores her and even serves her still.

What compares to a father’s love for his daughter?

I’m quite certain…..



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Spelling With Anna.

Anna:  Mom, how do you spell “chudder”?

Me:  Spell what?

Anna:  Chudder!

Me:  Chudder is not a word.

Anna:  Yes, Mom.  Chudder!

Me:  What are you trying to write, Anna?

Anna:  Anna and John Henry love each chudder.

Me:  Okay.  C-H-U-D-D-E-R.


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And, I’m Allergic to Mopping Floors.

I know sometimes you all my mom wonders, “What happened to Dusty’s blog yesterday?”  I have no really valid excuse.  I could say I was busy.  Or tired.  But, then there are those bloggers who have their posts prepared more than a week at a time. 

I wish I was one of them. 

I’m not.  But, I might be one day.

So, all this to say….

Sorry, Mom.

In other news, John Henry received a badge yesterday for Cub Scouts.

Then, we headed out for a nature hike to meet another Cub Scout requirement.  Little sister came along.

I’m proud of his commitment to his pack. 

Later that evening, Anna had her school music program.  We celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas all in one night.  She has insisted on growing out her bangs.  This, we women understand, is a painful process at any age.  To be honest, I prefer my little girl with bangs.  They are just so Anna to me.  But, she has other ideas and means of wearing her hair as noticed in this picture before her pre-school performance.

Prior to her musical debut, I learned she told her teacher that morning she was allergic to books. 

“So, I can’t read today.”

And, there ya go.

I want to tell you all about my experience at the Tapestry Project in downtown Oklahoma City.  Let’s meet back here next week.

Have a great weekend!

Love ya.  Mean it.


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Lock Up Your Sparkly Shoes.

The names have been changed to protect the innocent.  Except Anna’s.  For, she is not innocent.

So, Anna brings home a headband from school that is clearly not hers. 

Me:  “Anna, where did you get this?”

Anna:  “I found it on the ground at school.”

Me:  And who does it belong to?

Anna:  “Hmm.  It might belong to Lucy.”

I think you all know what conversation followed.   The whole taking things that don’t belong to you, etc, etc.  And, I explained to her how she would need to return said headband to Lucy with a heartfelt “I’m sorry.”

She responds…

Anna:  “Well, at least I didn’t take Susie’s new sparkly shoes she got from a garage sale.”

Lord Jesus, help me.


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My Beautiful Core-Ray-Shuns.

JH - Anna 2006 wp

It’s funny how we notice the mispronunciations of words our children make, but hardly notice when they start pronouncing them correctly.  Kind of like when Anna used to call a chip a “bip.”  When did that stop?

I miss that.

Presently, John Henry still pronounces “important” as “import-nant.” 

I don’t correct him.  Not like I used to.  It’s the last bit of little boy left in him. 

And, I hope Anna continues to pronounce “created” as “core-rated.” 

It makes me smile every time she says, “God core-rated everything.”

Learning about helping others in her pre-school class, she had to tell her teacher something she helps do.  Her answer?  “I help my dad put chalk by the airplane.” 

They are actually called chocks.  But, we won’t dare correct her.

What does or did your little one mispronounce that always makes you smile?


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I Was On Fire!

Growing a person has been going well with the exception of the recent onset of this burning sensation in my chest better known as heartburn.

For the love.

Initially, I refused to believe that my food choices could possibly contribute to this annoying, sleepless irritation.  After all, why would I want to give up my diet of unlimited chips and queso and Junior Mints?  I mean, who does that? 

Apparently me. 

That’s right folks.  I’m on day three of eating healthy.  And, inhaling Zantac and Tums.  If I make it to the weekend choosing an apple over that dark chocolate goodness with a soft minty center, then that is nothing short of a miracle.

And, my sweet John Henry has already asked me twice, “Mom, are you hurting?”  He follows it up with, “I prayed for you.”

Seriously, could I be more blessed?  My kids are such sweet reminders that regardless of my current discomfort, I’m going to have another little person who lights up my world.

But, then?  Momma is done.  D-O-N-E.  I will work those particulars out with Mr. Takle at a later, more private setting.  No sense in frightening him right now.  Especially, since he will eventually read this.  And, I’m sure he’d prefer me not discuss such personal matters here.  If I had a dollar for every time he’s followed up a comment or situation with “Do NOT blog or Twitter this”…..Well, I’d have a lot of dollars.

Oh, the stories I could tell.

But won’t.

‘Cause I’m pretty fond of being married.

Know what I mean?


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