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The Best Investment.

Some would argue that now is the time to invest in the stock market while price tags are low.  Others would say otherwise.  Kris says it’s a perfect time to purchase an airplane.  I’ll look into my wallet and get right on that.  Real estate has always been a sure bet.  Then, this thing called a bubble deflated. 

Investments in these things can be risky.  Sometimes, they pay largely.  Other times, they drive men to bankruptcy or depression.

But, I know of an investment where you will reap rewards over and over and over again.  It’s investment into people. 

Friendships, to be specific.

Growing up, I invested into friends in Georgia.  I poured into them.  They poured into me.  Even living hundreds of miles away, I still call them, e-mail them, visit them….invest in them. 

They still invest in me.

Because, these friendships matter.

I found it difficult settling into life in Oklahoma for a very long time, because I missed the daily interaction of true, covenant friends.  Then last year, Cindy Beall found my blog (after I had been stalking hers), and said, “Hey, I’m gonna start a little bible study, and I’ve been praying about who to ask to be a part.  Well, you came to mind.  You game?”  Okay, that’s not verbatim, but pretty darn close.  I never laid eyes on Cindy until the day I walked up to her doorstep for that first bible study.  I could have easily declined, and continued on wishing I had friends surrounding me in Oklahoma. 

Could have.

But, I got off my Junior Mint eatin’ booty and went.  Walking through Cindy’s door opened up a whole new world of friendships to me.  I met Deleise, Janna, Jennifer, Christi, Robin M, Robin S, Nicole, Kim, Natalie, and Elizabeth.  We all share a love for following Christ, motherhood, and pure FUN.  Oh, and we all blog except for Elizabeth.  That girl does well to check her e-mail, but you just gotta love her cute, healthy livin’ lovin’ self.

My Georgia and Oklahoma friends pray for me.  They encourage me.  And, they will be at my front door at a moment’s notice.  Even if they have to hop on an airplane to make it happen.

Because, they’ve been my best investment. 

I love them.  They love me.  And, I can’t fathom doing life without any of them.

God created us with a need.  A need for people. 

As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.  Proverbs 17:27


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Yes Girl.

We watched Jim Carrey’s “Yes Man” last night.  Carrey plays this character who pretty much says no to every request until he goes to some insane “Yes” rally where he learns to say yes to everything.  He does.  And, his life takes an interesting turn. 

At times, I say yes to more things than I want to say yes to.  And, I probably say no to more than things than I should.  By saying yes to too many things, I’m certainly not setting my boundaries well.  And, by saying no to too many things, I’m not experiencing life to its fullest – not to mention, placing myself in more opportunities to see God at work.

Last week, we visited our friends, Mike and Shari, in Florida.  Shari convinced me to try the stand-up paddle board.  I initially hesitated, because my thirty-something year old body and balance isn’t what it used to be.  But, I eventually ignored the little chicken inside and surrendered.  The result?  I loved it.  I really did.  I loved it so much, that I’m saving up my money to buy my very own.  So far I’ve saved $1.75.  At this rate, I’ll own a YOLO board in 2029.  But, that’s something, right?

What is something you wanted to say yes or no to and did the opposite…..and glad you did?


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Taking Notice.

Kris and kids

Here’s is what I’m noticing.

I’m not noticing.

Not lately.  I’m not noticing

the dimple on Anna’s left cheek.

the way John Henry still snuggles up to his Moosie and Mimi.

the way Kris’ hand rests tenderly on my knee.

the little things.

That really are the big things.  I generally try to be intentional about noticing these things.  And, the usual crawl of Summer should provide me every opportunity soak up these precious, fleeting moments. 

So, today, I’m taking notice.

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So far this week….

Anna has insisted on wearing two pairs of underwear so she can “hold my pee longer.”

When John Henry and Anna disobeyed and were awaiting their impending discipline, John Henry said, “I forgot, Mom.  Can’t you please understand,” through his pitiful tears.

I had to discipline still, and it broke my heart.

I’ve had to remind myself of the “We Won’t Always Understand” more than once.

I got a little emotional over Matt’s save on American Idol….even though I text my vote for Kris one or one-hundred times every week.  (Not the husband Kris.  I can hardly encourage his vocals in the shower.)

I’ve watched my warrior of a husband get hit from all sides and still draw back his arrow, aim, and shoot. 

I’ve read “Purplicious” more times than I would have cared to.

And, I’ve thanked God that I am a Christ-follower, a wife, a mother, and an American Idol fan.  So, I didn’t thank God that I’m an American Idol fan.  But, I am pretty excited to watch it every week.

And you?  So far this week?


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Extreme President Make-Over

I’m coming down from a sugar high from the massive amounts of Valentine treats collected by my children.  So, y’all bear with me.  I’m going to pretend the Christmas holidays are just now ending and make a resolution to eat healthier; forsaking all sugars until pounds I do part.  Selah and Amen.

It’s President’s Day.

What better way to honor our presidents than these completely respectable, life-like crafts?


I had to take a second look at George Washington there.  It’s hard to distinguish if it’s Washington I’m seeing or my great-aunt Kate with rollers in her hair.  In any case, I cannot tell a lie.  I love those kids.  I love this country. 

Abraham Lincoln said, “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count.  It’s the life in your years.”  While you or I may never be president of the United States, we can choose to live a life that is beyond ourselves.  A life that is rich in service.  A life that is rich in love.  I would hate to know that I lived my life only concerned for my own needs and wants. 

I pray the same prayer over my children every night.  In part of that prayer, I ask God that they “may always be a blessing to people.”  Because, I know that in living a life that is life-giving, that there will be life in their years. 



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I’m hearin’ ya, God.

I have tried to think of any other post than this one to write.  I thought I could write on how my roots are now a brilliantly colored blonde….or just less disturbing to the natural eye.  Or, I could write about how I saved my family money once again by shopping at Crest Foods.   Or, how Anna is learning not to respond to adults with “Isn’t there someone else you can go talk to?” 

But, I just can’t write about any of those things.  Not today.

Let’s start with honesty.

I’ve lived in Oklahoma for a little over five years now.  Some days I do it kicking and screaming.  Other days, I am okay.  Reality is….I miss Georgia.  Not really the state itself, although we do have trees there.  I miss my family.  I miss the covenant relationships I have with so many wonderful friends.  I miss Eagles Way Church.   I miss ministering there.

I do well most days.  But, then I struggle immensely other days. 

My sweet friend, Cindy Beall, posted this blog the other day.  I haven’t been able to shake these words from her blog since:


How can Dusty Takle fulfill the call of God on her life when she isn’t allowing herself to grow where she is planted?

And, why is she speaking in third person?

Well, I’ve made a decision to do just that.  To grow wherever I am.  In whatever situation I’m in.  In whatever climate I’m dressing for. 

Because, I don’t want to miss God.

That’s how I feel today.  Tomorrow, I might need a pep talk.  Today, I’m okay.

Grow where you’re planted.  Cindy writes, “I am confident that God will meet you where you are.” 

And, He just might use you to do great things. 


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Back to life. Back to reality.

Family vacation was oh so nice.  I usually leave the beach with aspirations to one day live there.  But then, I question.  Would I value that wonderment of God’s creation if I soaked it in every single day?  Or would it, like so many blessings in my life, be taken for granted?  Probably the latter.  Unfortunately. 

The comings and goings of vacations are similar to life.  In life, we experience good times and bad.  Scripture tells us that in this life, you will have trouble.  But, it’s in our trouble, in our pain, that God reveals a little more of Who He is.  And, as a result, we are better for it.  If not better for going through the trial in itself, but who we learn that God is in that trial.  When we choose to endure hard times God’s way, He makes Himself known in ways that we could not imagine.  It could be seeing God’s provision during a financially difficult time.  A friend calling you when you are feeling indescribably lonely.  Losing a child and waking up the next morning wondering how you are even breathing. 

I will never, ever forget sitting in my house on Sweetbriar Lane with my eight week old baby boy.  John Henry was asleep.  I was sitting in my living room chair sobbing.  I was lonely.  The despair I was feeling hurt so deeply.  I heard a knock at the door.  It was my friend, Stacey.  I yelled for her to come in.  She did.  And, she saw a young, single mother cradled up in a chair with tears soaking her shirt.  What does Jesus look like?  He looked a lot like Stacey Beheler that night.  She dropped in to give me some things for John Henry.  But, God used her to give me much more that night. 

The Bible says that His grace is sufficient.  A mother who has lost a child has a greater measure of grace than one who has not.  God gives his grace as we need it.  And, He measures it exactly right.

I don’t invite tough times.  But, I also know that without them, we take for granted the good.  During those times, we see and feel the love of God like no other time.  And, it forever changes who we are. 

I would like to be back in a beach chair with my toes in the sand.  I’m not.  But, when I am again, it will be oh so nice. 

“I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.”  John 16:33


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